Vegan Villain..."Why a villain?" In short, the bakery was named for my son, Dylan "the Villain."

I have always had a few food allergies, but a few years ago we learned that Dylan had some as well. Most kids' birthday parties have cake which included his two allergies-strawberries and milk. Our vegan cooking journey began as a project to allow Dylan the opportunity to still enjoy cake. I soon discovered that baking vegan also had a positive effect on my health, and was easier for me to digest.

As time went on, I had friends who started requesting other specially made treats, like gluten-free and nut-free. 

I combined my love of science with my passion for helping others (animals and those with food allergies) to create Vegan Villain's Sinful Sweets. Our palate is akin to granny's home baking but without the animal ingredients. We take pride in our work, spending hours coming up with delicious recipes and sourcing high-quality ingredients. Most of our goodies can be made gluten-free and we never add any nuts (except coconut) unless there is a special request.

Our Bakery opened in 2018 for special events, fairs, farmer's markets, and special orders. We currently utilize the Mercado kitchen for processing, and do not have a "store." For 2020, due to the evolving pandemic, we will not be at any farmer's markets or special events until further notice. We are still available for special orders and will also soon be open for delivery and pickup! 

For our delivery and pickup menu, we will have daily/weekly menu of items available NOW in Portland and Vancouver*. Because we will not utilize a third-party delivery service, delivery times may vary. You can text or call to check on this! 

*Please see our online order page for more details on available times and locations.


Vegan Villain